Developing Leadership Skills

Our students imbibe leadership skills as an integral part of the learning process. Adhering to the true spirit of democracy, a Student Executive Council is elected from eligible students. The Student Council comprises the House Captains and Vice Captains.

The entire school is vertically divided into four houses Lotus, Rose, Lily and Marigold with a view to bring out the very best in each student. Each House is under the charge of a Housemistress assisted by her team. Every house gets an opportunity to run the school for a month. The entire school is run and managed by the students of the House on duty. The participation of each house and its students in the multifarious duties assigned to them in the management of the school is carefully monitored by a committee of teachers, who on day- to- day basis keep tag of it and assign points, which are tallied before the Annual Function and an Overall Efficient House Shield is awarded. The objective is to ensure that each and every member of the House constantly endeavours to improvise and excel.

The House duties start from conducting the morning assembly. Essential elements of the assembly are

  • News: National, International and Sports news is read by the students
  • Talk: On a given theme
  • Item: A Talent displayed by a child
  • English Enrichment Programme: Dramatization or a book review
  • Thought by a student is shared
  • A collective Prayer is sung solemnly.
  • Celebration of festivals, and national festivals.

This provides an opportunity to almost every child during the course of each term to address the school and in the process develop communication skills. Students are given ample opportunities to showcase their special talents, this in turn immensely helps the students to gain self-confidence and develop the art of public speaking

Their other House duties include, looking after: Cleanliness, Discipline Smooth functioning of facilities and Aesthetic enrichment and beautification of the school – planning and implementation.

The Children acquire confidence from the responsibility and slowly and gradually start learning the techniques of organisation and management.

The celebration of the Teachers' Day is a 'Self-teaching day' when the student council is empowered with the initiative to run the entire school for the whole day.

There are regular Inter-House Competitions. This helps in building self-confidence, tolerance, sense of responsibility and leadership.